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Writing has been a passion of mine since my later years of elementary school. As an avid beach lover, I am lucky enough to live along the Alabama/Florida coast. Most weekends you will find me out on the water with my family. Speaking of family, I have the best family and friend support system in the world. 

I can truly say it only takes the right people believing in you, that help you learn to believe in yourself, to make your dreams come true. If you put your mind to it, the possibilities in your life are endless. My goal is to be able to show that through my work.

**She is currently working to get her old pen name switched from N.R. Spratlin to her true name of Nichole Riley. She no longer wanted or needed the pseudo name. So please bear with her during this time.**

 Nichole Riley

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Controlling the Elements:

The Manipulator Series

Book 1

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